How do i prevent people from entering the same password with fire base

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It would probably be better to ensure people entered a unique username.

What you need to do is call in all the tags from your firerbase which will provide you with a list of usernames. Then when a new user comes to register, you check their entered user name against all the names already in the firebase list. If not there then proceed, otherwise tell them a different name is required.

Tried doing this but its not working. Is there any tutorials up online for this? i am extremely bad at this :C

For the setup you have, you need to call the getTagList procedure and when GotTaglist event, which should return all your usernames, then you compare the new user’s username with each of the items in the returned taglist (taking into account the odd format used for saving usernames)

Do you have any example on how i might do that? I tried searching online and trying with the online books and its not working

I have had a look at the current login/register method you have used (developed to firebase from a tinywebdb method from a youtube video).

The coding/blocks approach does not lend itself well to doing what you want.

I recommend you find a better method.

Thanks again for the reply really appreciate it. Do you have any websites or tutorials that i could take a look at?