How do I prevent file with "cancel" name on it?

everytime i press cancel button ("batal" in my phone system language)

it always create a file like this

how do i prevent this thing happen?

btw this is the block that i use to save file

Add block when notifierWet.OnCancel

add if block to check if response not equal to cancel, then .....

In the code set cancelable to false

Sorry made a mistake. I need to delete this post.

Use this block
component_event (4)

After using this block, the text "Canceled" will not be returned, additionally you can do something after clicking Cancel. But this block can also be empty.

Other solutions are good when using the app in one or two languages. This solution is universal for any language.


The example needs something in the THEN socket to disambiguate it.

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Yes, order of things....

this works


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