How do I open specific layout when click button in another screen?

Hi. I have two screen (1and 2) . On screen 1 i have 4 layout arrangements there is home, learn, practice and about. In practice layout, there is button that direct to screen 2. In screen 2, theres a button to direct back to screen 1. I want this back button only open the practice layout. I have tried to use screen initialize but everytime i run the program, the practice layout appears first when it should appear first is the home layout. What should i do? Thank you


have you tried the event "OtherScreenClosed" to show/hide the arrangements you want when back from Screen2?

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I provided an example for doing this on another topic:

The OtherScreenClosed event does only work if the screen you want to go back was not closed beforehand. So this event makes only sense on Screen1 if this is never closed and therefore doesn't make sense at all on a non-Screen1.

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