How do I not show the error 1101 popup message?


I have a clock sending a request to my esp32 for the accel values. I'm getting the values in the app but it shows the popup message of error 1101: no response ... Something like that. Is there a way to not show this error popup since everything is working. This the blocks I'm using.

Is this a bug or an issue? Would be better to solve the issue, as opposed to working around it.

Well, what I suspect is because the data that esp32 is getting from the sensor sometimes fails, the request doesn't get that response. But that's not really an issue because I'm sending the request every 0,5 seconds and it's ok if miss a value. It's just the popup that's annoying

In that case, you can use the Screen1.ErrorOccured block to perform a counter action like add a delay or something or you may even leave it blank. This should disable the popup.

Thank you!

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Kindly share example blocks arrangements

Solved at How to solve error 1101 App inventor? - #29 by Saajid_Thakur