How do I move to degrees?

Hello, it's me again! How to turn the EV3 motor exactly at an angle. I don’t know how to explain this, let’s show you an example: I give the command to rotate 90 degrees, but because my motor is already at 17 degrees, it will only move 73 degrees. How to do that, is that impossible?

No one have an ideas?

not possible to send command to rotate 90+17 = 107 degree?

Hi, thank you for ur attention. I told the command that I want, but now it can only turn 90 degrees, like a difference of angle. I need it to rotate 73 degrees, when i write 90

I would like to make the sum or difference, but the tachocount may show a negative angle. Is there a ready-made block?

Sorry I never play with EV3 motor. Other experts may have answers.

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Oh, okay. Anyways, thank you

Is there a command to ask the EV3 for its current position?

Or a command to reset position?

Or is this a simple math problem to adjust cumulative angle values into a range of values?

Does the EV3 have hard stops, or can it rotate freely without limits?

Do you have a calibration technique?

Hello, yes, i can ask EV3 current position, and reset it. I havent calibration technique, its got hard stops and can rotate freely without limits.

Guys i made it btw. But now, i need delay after this function

this part for 1 motor

What kind of feedback does the EV3 provide?

Since it has no AI2 component event block you may need to use a Clock Timer and set up a record keeping scheme like a player piano.

You cannot loop for timing in AI2.

We can get tachometr result by calling "call (EV3motor) Get.TachoCount"- something, like motor rotation angle (Number). Thanks, i will read these posts :+1:

This link might help

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For an example of setting up and playing a time sequence, see

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