How do i move something from one project to another?

how do i move something from one project to another can i not move it at all

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@kratos_Hoselton-McCa I moved your question to our help forum where more people can help you.

ok thank you

Please be more specific...
Do you mean blocks? (or groups of blocks)?
Do you mean designer wise?
Or do you mean that you want to move a whole project to another project?

If you are more specific, we can help you better and get a better idea of what to help you with.

Always here to help...


AT the Screen level, in the Designer component tree click on the Screen to highlight it, and hit Ctrl-C.

Switch to your target project, and in the Designer hit Ctrl-V to paste it.

For Blocks in the Blocks Editor. right click on the ones you want to copy, and select Download as Image. Save the downloaded files somewhere safe, under appropriate file names.
In the target project's Blocks Editor, click on a good blank spot for your landing zone, then switch to your PC's file system. Drag the downloaded .png files into the Blocks Editor workspace.

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Hello Kratos

To "move it all", simply save the project with a different project name and there you are - done!

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You could also use the copy-all-to-back-pack selection in the drop down when you right click.

You can also manually edit the AIA file by moving any screens along with the blocks.

thank you everyone!! :grin:

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