How do I make this code work?


Or would this work?

Try this tutorial by Sajal

Would this work?

Here's the designer if you need it:

Use the example aia in the tutorial which works or try your own code using the Companion and test it. If your code works, it will run. :slight_smile: If the code does not work, consider using the example model.

The operation * cannot accept the arguments: , [0], [""]
Can you explain why it doesn't work?

nights.text is empty, and empty is not something you can multiply.

This code works but whenever I transfer the data to the next screen

Whenever I test the app and the label becomes 0

Even if I put another number block such as 2. It still says 0 in the next screen

This code never populates the TinyDB1 Tag standard . :cry:


Perhaps you mean hotelroom_lp.Selection = Standard
hotdelroom_lp.Elements will NEVER = Standard so your code always sets (stores) the Tag standard to 0 because the if condition is always false.

Do you have a TinyDB on Screen4.

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