How do I make the random picker to not select a certain item from the list?

So I am making this game where i want the player to click a card but then the bot to not pick the same card is that possible?

At or just after starting the app, creat a list of all your cards: AllCards

Before starting a new game, copy the above list to another one: CardsInPlay

Select a card from CardsInPlay, display it, and delete it.

Let the bot select a card from the CardsInPlay list, which will no longer contain the card you selected. Again display it and delete it so when the human player selects a card they can’t choose the one the bot picked.

Keep picking cards and deleting them from the CardsInPlay list.


If card has been selected, remove it from list.

yeah but like whats the block for that? i have a list with the back of the cards and a list with the 2 cards. So when the player touches one of the back of the cards one of the two cards show up and when you match 5 you win. I want to make it that when the player touches one card a bot automatically turns another card except the one the player just picked

This depends on how you are presenting the cards for selection.

Are they in Buttons?
Or Sprites?


What goes in the empty puzzle pieces depends on how you wrote your code. You did not share that. :cry:

If you haven't read Programming Your App to Make Decisions read it; if you have read it, reading the tutorial again and noting the examples may help you solve your issue.

They are sprites

Oh thanks I'll read it !

So follow the @deanart2012 technique, but the lists should be lists of sprite components.

alright ty!