How do I make the notifier inform when something is not present?

I'm developing an application for my project called Gavetech. It is an organizer for electronic components such as resistors and diodes. In this app, users can customize the arrangement of drawers for their components. When they want to find something, they can simply search in the app, which will indicate the drawer where the item is located. Additionally, a LED in the drawer will be activated through an Arduino with Bluetooth connectivity. However, if the user searches for a component that hasn't been configured, a notifier will inform that the component was not found.

Gavetech.aia (486.0 KB)

Here are some screenshots of my programming:

Please help me create this notifier for when the component is not configured!

Use a single if/elseif/elseif/elseif/..../elseif/else block instead of all those separate if blocks.

Place the notifier in your else socket at the end

You would probably benefit from learning about lists, and learning about the any component blocks, the use of both would vastly reduce (and simplify) your blocks.

thx buddy