How do I make the ball stop after the timer?

Hey! i was tasked to make a pingpong game and I wanted to make the ball stop after the timer and i dont know how to. Can anyone help?

Welcome. I cleaned up the title of your post. It looks better this way.

Init a global variable DEADLINE to 0.
When your ball starts, take Clock1.SystemTime and add to it the number of milliseconds you want the ball to be allowed to run, until it has to stop. That will be the deadline for your ball.

In the (a) repeating Clock Timer, check if Clock1.SystemTime exceeds the DEADLINE variable, and that the DEADLINE variable is not 0.
If both conditions are met, it is time to:

  • stop the ball (set its speed to 0) and
  • reset the DEADLINE to 0.

Under "Clock1.Timer", place a "Ball1.Enabled" to 'false' to stop the ball, then 'true' to resume motion among the other blocks.