How do I make steering in mit app inventor for car projects?

Hi i want to make steering for my new project of remort control car . but i didn't get any relevant component for it . please help in this

you want joystick to control your car if you want watch this video - (764) How to use Joystick in MIT App Inventor 2 [ using Extension ] - YouTube

Perhaps this link can help Question about Bluetooth Client and using apps to control Arduino Based Robots or one of the links here .

This link shows how to make a joystick control using a Canvas or this link

You can use Buttons to steer your vehicle.

This is an example using a button joystick to move Balls on a Canvas. Mountain Kingdom - a chat real time two player, two device game using the CloudDB and a Canvas The technique could be used to 'create' a joystick like controller for your Project. If you need more control, use eight buttons to change 'directions'

This is an example of using a 'real' joystick to do something similar Bluetooth HC-06. Arduino. Send. Receive. Send text file. Image with a Canvas.