How do I make steering in mit app inventor for car projects?

Hi i want to make steering for my new project of remort control car . but i didn't get any relevant component for it . please help in this

you want joystick to control your car if you want watch this video - (764) How to use Joystick in MIT App Inventor 2 [ using Extension ] - YouTube

Perhaps this link can help Question about Bluetooth Client and using apps to control Arduino Based Robots or one of the links here .

This link shows how to make a joystick control using a Canvas or this link

You can use Buttons to steer your vehicle.

This is an example using a button joystick to move Balls on a Canvas. Mountain Kingdom - a chat real time two player, two device game using the CloudDB and a Canvas The technique could be used to 'create' a joystick like controller for your Project. If you need more control, use eight buttons to change 'directions'

This is an example of using a 'real' joystick to do something similar Bluetooth HC-06. Arduino. Send. Receive. Send text file. Image with a Canvas.

I want to make a car project, i had downloaded the Joystick extension but it was an old extension and was not compatible, can anyone tell me how to create joystick or an extension of joystick, for car game project.