How do I make pretty buttons?

Would someone refer me to a discussion, or examples, of how to make good-looking buttons?

I search here and cannot find much information. Maybe I'm not looking the right place.

I don't know the exact look I want but would love it if there were some conversation about it and I could test a few things. Perhaps 3-d buttons? Or perhaps retaining the look of the default grey buttons--but with a different color. Anything would be of interest.

Hi there,

You can set the colors of buttons using the BackgroundColor or TextColor properties. If you would like to set the font of a button's text, use the property FontTypeface (options: default, serif, sans serif, monospace).

For your question for 3D buttons, see this topic.

If you would like to add an icon to a button, use this link in Thunkable here.

You would also want to search the extensions directory Pura Vida Apps Extensions, which has many extensions related to buttons.


if you want to avoid extension you can use an image
it make the extension look beautifull

Yes. You can also use an emoji.

  1. Copy the emoji.

  2. In the Text property of a button, paste the emoji.

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Also, you can change the shape of a button, make the text bold or italic, and align the text using the Properties of a Button.

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Hi @boofuss60,
take a sight to
You can create buttons as .png, then include the created button as an image into AI2 buttons.

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Thanks everyone...this is what I needed. :grin: