How do I make hyperlink text?

Hi friends,
I want to write a web-site address as hyperlink text, When some one click on it then open a web page.
How can i mention a text as hyperlink text ?


Use a button for the clickable action, put the url in a variable
Use activityStarter for starting the native browser (Chrome/Firefox)

or the webviewer for in app access to a web page

Thanks for your help. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Can't we do it by a Label??
only by a Button?

a label is not clickable

What if you made an extension???

extensions currently can only be made for non visible components
if you really need a clickable label, then you might want to use Kodular, which is an App Inventor distribution


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I need a button only to send url without opening page or web brownser.
Can it be?? How to create it?

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For those looking for various types of hyperlinks and clickable labels, there is a link to the extension that makes it possible.

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