How do I make an invisible text box and select it?

I can collect the output from this text box, but if I make it invisible I can no longer write to it. I know this sounds really dumb but I need it to collect user input like a terminal would.

So why do you make it invisible?

because I want to emulate a terminal, and so it would be fairly unsightly to just jam a text box in there and call it a day

I am confused, you topic title says how do I make an invisible keyboard, yet it seems you want to work with an invisible textbox? Which is it ?

Show some screenshots of what you have / what you want...

Ah yes, my bad I meant I want to select an invisible textbox and write to it using the keyboard. My apologies

Maybe use a sandwich of a textbox between two ListViews, one for past lines of text and the other for future lines of text.
Select from one of the ListViews to focus the textbox on that point of the data entry.

Set the textbox to 1x1 pixels in size, then use the requestFocus block to select the textbox for data entry.

I really wish it was that straightforward, but I tried to do it this way too

Ah, you might need Taifun's Tools Extension which will show the keyboard




Man taifun really is a godsend, I'm even shamelessly using one of his extensions right now :smiley:

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