How do I make a sprite visible when it starts out invisible?

i’m trying to make a game where the screen starts out with a bunch of marbles but i want one of them to be invisible. I know how to make it set to invisible using false, but i can’t seem to make it visible again when i click on it.

My suggestion would be to add another Sprite but use a transparent image and use it’s touch event to set the marble to visible.

You could do it like this by setting/unsetting the image:

blocks (9)

(best to not set the image in designer, otherwise it might blink the image on initialise)

Thankyou so much!! it worked. I never thought about just leaving the pink “text” box blank

I thought about that, but seemed like a lot of work and i think tima12 has an easier solution thanks

Bear in mind, even though the sprite has no image, it is still present and will interact with other sprites and objects (e.g. collisions), unless you put it on another Z level (then change this when you change the picture))

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got it!! thanks

ok so, now when all the marbles are cleared, i want a text box to pop up saying “congrats you’ve made it to the next level”.Right now, it appears when the screen is initialized

Please show your relevant blocks

colorpop2 so i adjusted it a little, and now the text box doesn’t show up at all

You need to put all those if statements (you could use a list and any component blocks to make it easier)
in a clock timer, set the clock timer to 250msecs or less (or more) to check if the condition (all sprites not visible) is true. If true stop the clock, show the text.

what i have so far

Something like this

You should do some of the tutorials