How do i make a sprite move and control a bullet on its own?

Hi, I need to ask, how would i make a sprite shoot and move on its own? I've thought of every possible solution I've been taught by my teacher, can anyone help?

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To make a sprite moving, basicly you have 2 ways:

  1. use a clock.timer event, and set sprite's x and y to a new value.
  2. set sprite's speed, heading, interval.

Have you read Creating Animated Apps ? The article explains how to use Sprites and the Canvas.

Search the Gallery for Space Invaders.

Space Invader (AI2 tutorials)

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Thank you, the second method worked perfectly with my app, I really appreciate it!

I use to make it move 1 by 1 but it takes way too long help me with a more understandable method

Give the Sprite a Direction and a Speed to make it move on its own.