How do I make a space bar button?

I need to make a space bar button to create a space between text in text box.Can anyone say a solution for this?

Make a button saying space and in the code set it to append join text from textbox and then put a empty text bit on to it. In the empty text " " just put click it and the click your normal space bar. Then you will join what ever the text in the textbox with a space at the end

Sorry if that's a bad explanation, I would show blocks but I am on my phone

no space bar on your keyboard ?

or are you not typing in the text

I tried it but it is not working

Show me the blocks by right clicking them and downloading as png that way we can see what your trying to do.

I believe you will need Taifun's Textbox extension in order to get the cursor position, then use these blocks

You append a blank field, you must append spaces.

You need to make sure you clicked space in that empty text box. Check by clicking the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard and see if there is a space there. When doing it like that it will just add it to the end of the text currently in the textbox.