How do I make a sliding puzzle-block game?

I have a problem while making sliding block game in App inventor
I want to If I touch my image sprite , the image sprite moves to it's next place that is EMPTY of any image sprites
A picture of my game till now is ->

Welcome to the community. I believe the image is taken from

Blocks used are explained by the developer in the above post and also there is the ability to download both apk and aia by scanning qrcode's in order to test the app or to use aia and see the blocks

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ok... yes but my project is EXACTLY like that img.
I have scanned the QR CODE , but ->

I tested it and works fine with me, try from here


It Works!
ThankYou so much!

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The latest App Inventor introduces moving sprites to points, which might be easier/more efficient.


Hello do you know how can i make that in 3by3 version?

If you follow the tutorial, you will know how.


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