How do I make a phone call from listview?

Hi, I want to know how to make make a phone call just by clicking from the listview. I could only try to make a "save contact" function but don't know how to make a call from the list view that I saved :dizzy_face:


You can use the PhoneCall component in the Social category/drawer. It helps you to make phone calls.

I'm aware of that function. The only problem I have right now is that how do I insert the phone call function into the listview so that I can make a phone call just by clicking the contact list that I have inserted. Is going to be like below? (Continuation from the previous one I uploaded) Screenshot 2021-12-15 213632

You can put names and numbers on a csv file, then use a dictionary as shown in these blocks.

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Does that mean I have to insert it firsthand on the spreadsheet before converting it to csv file? what if I want to insert the name & number through the app?

You can populate a tinydb, then populate a dictionary from tinydb

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Can you check this for me this project and see if it works? I followed what you did but when I wanted to press the entry I have made from the list as a call function, it calls a random number instead of the contact I saved.
Emergency_Latest2.aia (3.0 KB)

You added to listview the entire dict, not only keys

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I overlooked that part. got it fixed. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

sorry for asking again, what about removing the list from the dictionary? is it going to be like the shown block?

Do you want remove all contacts from tinydb or from dictionary ?
It does not make sense removing from dict.

My intention is to remove the entry that I saved like the wrongly saved phone number/contact name. So does that mean I have to remove from tinyDB?

Yes, you have to remove from tinyDB, then populate dict and listview

I can delete the list, but once I enter a new name/phone number to be saved. the list still shows the previous entries I have saved which did not remove the data permanently. This is my blocks:

Screenshot 2021-12-20 170635

or maybe should i use this block instead?:

Screenshot 2021-12-20 171401

sorry for troubling you and thank you.


Try those.

you have to remove first the wrong entry from tinydb, then restart populating dict and listview

this will clear all the data permanently isn't it? what if I wrongly inserted a wrong contact and I want to delete that particular contact name & number only?

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