How do i make a nextSong and BackSong button

does anyone have an idea how to make a Next song button for this block:

Here's how it works:

If I selected an index it will play a song.

what I wanted is how do i implement a nextSong and backSong Button for this?

Here is the interface of my work

Are you using a player for each song? What about only use one player and change the source? In that way you have to stop only one player, change the source, and play again.

this worked but i dont want my listview to be changed (Make a list) as it has image on it, I did it then it changed my listview to mp3 songs and no images at all.

From this:

To this:

I want the images to stay in the listview also thank you for the Back and Next button, it worked but the listview is another problem.

If your ListView is not only the song name (you have details and image) then don't set ListView.Elements to the song list (keep your Elements like currently) and change this part:

To use the SelectionIndex to select the item from the songs list.

You will need then two parallel with he Elements to display and other with the songs name (paired).

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I have made it worked (image stays still in listview by removing the blocks for screen initialize), but it shows error 701 unable to load "mp3 name" every time I select an index in listview.

You will need something like this....your Elements list, with detail and images, to show it in the ListView and the list with the files names and both lists must be paired:

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I did just what is stated in the image, but it still shows error 701.

here is my full block:

here is the error when I select an index in listview:

If you are going to do it in this way you have two remove this:

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Thank you for your patience, Ramon. This will help me in my school final project.

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