How do I make a lucky draw? (select a student name from a List of students randomly)

can anyone or person help? Pls.

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can you explain more what you meant by lucky?

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I think @33_Zeke_Yu You need this.

that means a drawing student app for teachers

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means a draw for teachers

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You want to make Drawing App?

no, I want to make a lucky draw for teachers that means like when a lot of students want to answer a question then they use this app to pick one student

Put all the names in a list and choose a random item using Choose random list item block.


thank for your help

how to put all names in the list?

how to put all names in a list?

Hi, please be patient if you want help. What you are doing now is spamming the topic.

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Welcome @33_Zeke_Yu

Here are three ways to create a App Inventor List of members of a class. There are many other ways depending on where the class information is stored.

All three methods create the same class List and display the List in a ListView component.

The Button1 example List is created by using Blocks.
The Button 2 example is by using a Text Block and creating a csv file and converting that csv to a List using the list from csv row Block.
The Button 3 example loads a text File that contains the student names. The names are stored as a csv of the names. Place the text file in the Media and the File component will read it. You can create your own File in a text editor.

Here is an example class text file you can store in Media and retrieve with the File component.
MyClassList.txt (35 Bytes)

What you do in your app depends on where you create your list and whether you need to be able to manipulate your List (see Sajal's advice regarding Lists).

What have you tried?

Does this information help?

Thanks for your help!:pray:t2::pray:t2: