How do I make a image gallery that fetches images from google drive

Hi All,
I am quite a newbie in MIT App inventor.
I wanted to create an app that can show images from google drive. Here is my app layout

In the image section, it will show an image from google drive. By clicking on the next (>) button it will navigate to the next image in the folder.
Can anyone assist me with this?

Show an Image from Google Drive in your AI2 app

Use this and apply to your other images

You will probably want to generate a list of file IDs from a directory

i follow the link to show image from drive, but sometime the image was appear, sometime is gone, how to fix it sir ? thanks

Same image, or different images ? Image size ?

Same image, sama gid, same image width and height, aampe positition..

Running on companion now, and running on companion later, and its gone, i tried close the companion, and try it again, and its appear again

Are you showing the image in an image component ?

Give an example url ?

Image size ? Think about the viewing window on your device, how large do the images actually need to be? 640x480 ?

If your app will repeatedly "download" images for viewing, it would make sense to cache them or save them to the device.

here is a full description in this video