How do I make a G-Calendar like app?

HI, Im trying to make an app like google calendar for my school project but I'm stuck on the blocks for making event and showing the event correlating certain dates. I'm using an .aia file i found as template for the calendar;
calendar.aia (9.1 KB)

But i just don't understand how to make the buttons show text boxes that will save them in the same arrangement as the button that shows the date;

kind of like the image above

Any insight or information will be of great help!

Did you already search the community?


tysmm i've searched google and tried sunnycalendar extension but i guess i forgot to just search it here.. again, tysm!!

this looks like my work.
just check the original post where you find this aia, there should be also examples to add event to buttons.

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You might need a multiline text box, since it stores just one piece of text per day.

tysmm, you're a lifesaver <3 :smile: