How do I int data upload to firebase.. ? usualy its value upload like as a string value.. help me

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try removing the /


i remove " / " also., but still same problom

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You are probably overloading the storevalue procedure, all the changes from one position to another on the slider will be sent, no doubt crashing the data upload.

Just send one, the last position. Unfortunately there is no thumb touch up event.

There is an extension by @Ken that does it though...


To do this without an extension, I would add a Clock and a deadline (ms) global variable, initially 0:

When thumb changes, enable the repeating clock (1000 ms) and set the deadline to SystemTime + 2000

When the Clock Timer fires,

if deadline > 0 then
   if SystemTime > deadline then
      send the current thumb value
      set the deadline to 0
      disable the clock
   end if
end if

This logic can be used as a thumb up event.