How do I include tag on videos?

Hi, good morning. Sorry to ask here, I do not know if it is the exact place, but I want to include tag in the viedeos collections that I have. My videos is on "Tutorials and Guides", and has no tags. Could you teach me how include tags to have more assertive seach.

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Do you mean here?:

You can tag individual posts, but not individual videos, (because they are all in one post)

OK, they are all in one post. That what I want it. How can I tag this post?

When you open that topic at the first post, do you see a pencil icon at the end of the title?

If so, click on the icon, then you should be able to add tags, using the drop down.

If you cannot edit, then advise on the tags you want and I can add them for you.


Hi, I can see the "pencil", but I can not able to edit and add tags. Please, insert: iot, arduino, canvas, bluetooth, internet of things


All done :slight_smile:

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Tks a lot!!!

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