How do I hold my paint in my app for next entrance?

Paint (3).aia (527.5 KB)

Hello everyone
I wrote a simple paint app. my problem is when I do paint and exit from the page. i miss paint for the next time i want to complete that. i need to save paint in its page for next time. How can I do it?

Two methods:

  • Save canvas as image before closing the app, then recall the image to the canvas when opening the app again

  • Record every paint stroke as it happens to a tinydb. Then when the app is re-opened, replay all the paint strokes onto the canvas


Could you tell how to do this, even I'm having this problem, this thing would also solve things for an undo option. Does TinyDB allow storage of images ?

See here for an example or two:

No, but images are not needed to be saved (as images) if just drawing.
If using images for sprites / background, you can covert the original images to base64 strings and save these to tinydb if you wish - if the images are unlikely to be present when next using the content....