How do I highlight button when sound is playing?

I created 10 buttons and I made list of 10 sound files. I want to highlight button when sound is playing of respective number.
Also can we play two differnet sound files one by one with one click ?
May I get soution ? please.

Here's how you could go about it (please make sure the sources for each Button are in order):

yes4.aia (3.0 KB)

Assuming you don't want the multiple sound files playing simultaneously, you would need to add a global variable play_list, initially empty.

You would also have to add a Player Event block to catch the end of the currently playing file, to be able to drop it off the play_list and start the next (if any) file playing.

If you want to get fancy, you could save index numbers (1-10) in play_list, to give you access to the associated buttons also, to show what's on the play list by button background color.

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