How do I hide shadow from a button?

Is there a way to hide button shadow or Elevation (I think this is what its called). I know there are other ways to simulate the same thing but why not use the buttons for what it was intended in the first place? I want that black border to be removed


set a button background colour

Here in my case, I want it to be None or transparent if you will. I am using a gradient on the parent element, and want it completely visible.

Set a transparent colour then, or "None"

Color is already set to None. "Show feedback" is also disabled.

Ah, I guess you are using Device Default theme (works OK with Classic theme)

You could use a label instead of a button and use a click extension


Instead of buttons, use a Canvas for the fake keyboard, and calculate which rectangle was touched by some math on the x,y touch point vs the Canvas .Height and .Width


Button1 and 3 with and empty transparent image:




This is the easiest solution. You saved me a lot of time. Thank you

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