How do i have two apps using the same firedb table

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I have been trying to connect two different apps to the same firedb account. I have put in the same toekns and urls but every time i store the values in the firedb it is stores under a seperate table. I have tried using af project bucket with the same name and a tag name like (name/pet) to store it in the name project under tag pet, but this still store them in seperate tables and they are not accessible by the other app.
Is there a simple solution?

Show your relevant (storeValue) blocks and the projectBucket used (including the path from the parent node)

Here are the requested blodcks

  1. application

blocks (7)

  1. application.

blocks (6)

I would first suggest that you do not use numbers, starting from 1, as your tag names. This confuses firebase (thinks you are trying to make a firebase array). If you must persist with numbers, make them into strings, starting "01","02"....."11", or put a string identifier infront of your number, e.g. "data1","data2" ....."data11".

This is possibly your issue ?

As you can see in app 1 i have been trying to avoid this turning the blue number into a string. I can use letters infront as well (data1.data2.data3)
How ever this does not solve the problem with the data ending in seperate tables and hereby are not attainable from the two apps. I have benne trying to find information about the topic, a project bucket with the same name just results in table in the other table with the same name. Without the project bucket it takes the name of the app and creates a table inside the primary table.

I have made it work in some strange way one of the apps need a bucketlist called rest-medicin while the other needs rest-medicin/rest_medicin. Seems as one get the directory directly from the url.

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