How do I handle an app in different app stores: (Google AAB vs Amazon APK)?

Hi everybody. Here's the situation:

I have two apps uploaded in Google Playstore, Amazon Appstore and Huawei Appgallery. Until july 31th., all stores accepted APK files to upload an app, so I use the same APK file generated in AI2 for all of them.

With recent changes in Google, I have to generate two different files: AAB for Google and APK for the others.

The thing is that Google ask me to suscribe in it's "Play App Signing" program (PAS) in order to be able to upload an AAB file to it's store, and it's necessary to generate a differente keystore for the AAB file.

So, I need some help to figure it out the following:

  1. I don´t know how to upload a keystore for the AAB file in PAS in Google Play Console, since all my attempts with the current keystore from AI2, have been rejected.
  2. If I delete the current keystore from the app in AI2, to generate a new one when I download the AAB file to try to upload it in PAS, I don't know if the APK files generated after that, will work for the other appstores with the current registered APK's.

I hope someone can help me to understand this and advice me how to proceed.

Thanks in advanced.

You will need to export your current keystore to preserve it for the other app stores (you'll want to do this anyway--it's always good to have a backup). Once you've exported the current keystore, delete the old keystore and rebuild to create a new one. You'll want to export this one as well. When you build for different app stores, you'll need to import the appropriate keystore first before building.

I've shared this with the rest of the team so that we can think about how this process might be improved in the future.

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Great, up and clear!. Thank you @ewpatton.

Just a final question: do you know what option should I use to upload the keystore in PAS?


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I think you need to choose the second option, but my Spanish is a bit rusty.

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Ok thank you, I'll try with that one.


Hi again.

I tried as @ewpatton suggested (delete APK keystore, rebuild on AAB mode and download the new keystore), but when I upload this new keystore file in any of the 3 options that Play Console has to enrole to PAS, I get this message:
"The private key was not encrypted correctly or is not of a supported type."
So, I can't upload the AAB file to Play Store, due to the fact that I can's suscribe me to PAS.

Did I do something wrog?, or how can I solve this?


In addition to previous message, I'm attaching the options that PAS shows to upload keystores. In two of them, requires to add some code to keystores, something that I don't know how to do it by myself.

I hope someone can help me to solve this issue and I'd be able to upload the new AAB file in the Play Store.



You need to upload the old keystore because Google needs the private key in order to sign your app. New uploads of the AAB will use the new keystore for validating that you are the original developer.

I made a guide for that😊

@ewpatton and @Point, thank you for your response and support, I really appreciate.

I followed @Point tutorial, and I succeded in generate the .zip file; however, when I uploaded to PAS, I get the following message: "The private key was not encrypted correctly or is not of a supported type"

I used the original keystore and the new one genereated with the AAB file, but none works..

Any idea or suggestion?


What do you mean by that? AAB files do not get a new Keystore

I was recommended to delete the actual keystore and "generate" a new one, by Download ed the AAB version of the App.

However, I did the process with both files and none works.

No, as your app was published on the Play Store before August 1, 2021, you can still upload your app as an APK on the Play Store. The restriction to use AABs only applies to apps released after July 31, 2021.

@Anke, thank you for you comment, I had understood all apps should be moved to AAB no matter what, and I didn't try to upload an APK, but I just did and works fine.

I appologize to everybody for my confusion, but at least I learned how to encrypt a keystore for future needs.


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