How do I grade on Schoology?

I am a first time MIT App Inventor user and had my students export to .aia and attach that file to a Schoology assignment to turn in. I am now trying to open to grade but the files will not open for me. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to grade on Schoology or if there is another/easier way. Thanks!

I just peeked at the Schoology web site, and found no mention of AI2 integration.

So you will have to save the .aia files in some assignment directory, and prefix the .aia file names with student names or identifiers.

The load the renamed files to AI2 via the AI2 Project-Import menu at

Makes total sense, thank you! And then I would need to use the emulator or a device to run the app in order to grade? Or just look at their blocks?



What you do depends on the assignment, its deliverables and what you told your students the criteria you would use to evaluate their work. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

You have a very tough job on your hands - top marks for bravery! The fact that you are just getting on with the job - that state of mind will serve you well, you will get to grips with App Inventor quickly.

Much appreciated!