How do I get these badges?

I would like to know how do I complete the following badges

First reply by email
How is do you reply to a post via an email?
First Share
I think sharing a post means clicking on the link button under the post. But after sending via email, I didn't receive the badge
First Wiki Edit
What is a wiki post and how do you edit it?

If anyone can clarify how I get these badges I would be grateful
RR Media

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just click on the time above the post and copy the link and send anyone. it worked for me :+1:

it may take some time is get your badeg

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What is time?
Is it this Screenshot_20210929-113520~2?

That's a mistake by the community both are same

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Thanks. Can you help with the others?

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  1. The email function is not yet in use, so you can't use it.

  2. Share the post via copying the link, share it to Twitter, etc.

  3. A wiki post is a post that anyone can edit.


Yeah, Regular Badge People can make posts wiki and the person who edits it(the post) will get the badge @RR_Media :+1:

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*Trust Level 2


Yeah, it can be said as both Trust Level 2 & Regular

I have that badge :wink:

Thanks everyone! Sorry for taking some of your time!

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For example, this is a wiki post. You can try to edit it @RR_Media.

Closed now.


Thanks @Gordon_Lu

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