How do I get the total value of the same name?

Can anyone help me.
I want to display the total number of values ​​of all names equal to a block like below.
I have a data table like this.

How to display the data using dynamic components?
The components are like this

My block is structured like this

Block like this I can't get the total number of the same name as the following tableimage
Can anyone help me?

If you are going to the trouble of using a MySQL database, you should reap the benefit of the SQL SUM GROUP BY clauses, to have MySQL do that hard work for you.

Your result will be another table, which I leave to you to display.

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Thanks, I'll try to use MySQL query.

Thanks for everyone. I have got the solution, which is to return the total value to 0 then the total value can be obtained and there is no need to use MySQL Query.

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