How do I get the score from 3 screens?

Hey guys! How do you get the score from 3 screens?, I am creating a quiz for my project and I am new to this stuff. Can someone help me?

Save results in TinyDB. TinyDB data is available on every screen.

What is TinyDB?

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It's a component that you can drag & drop, just like you can with Text Boxes etc, but it is unseen in your App.

It behaves as a simple database but "behind the scenes" it is actually a singe XML file.

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Thank you so much! But can someone help me with my question?

That is your answer - each screen can save it's score to TinyDb.

You will need to experiment a bit to teach yourself.

Why has your App got 3 Screens to collect scores from? Will there be even more Screens? Given that you can only display one Screen at a time, think about only using one Screen but displaying different content as required.

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Ok, I'll try. Thank you!