How do I get row of data using timestamp as google sheets reference and display table in web viewer?

I have some questions about the use of Google sheets in my app. I hope not to break the rules, if so then I would like help only with the first question, thanks in advance.

  1. How can I get the values of an entire row in google sheets searching for them by dates using the timestamp?

  2. I want to show the table in a web viewer but when I publish it I get the title and footer, which takes up a lot of space to show. Is there any way to eliminate it?

  3. How can I remove the seconds from the google sheets timestamp? this to eliminate repeating records.

I'm something new with databases in google sheets but it caught my attention so much that I want to soak up the subject.

If this violates the rules I will remove it when they tell me

Have you considered calling down the data from google sheets to your app as data, then working with the data on the app?

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Google Sheets lets you pick formats for your column, depending on the data type you set up for that column.

If you are having trouble with repeating records, you may need to keep separate detail/master sheets, with the master sheet containing summaries of the detail sheet by some unique master identifier.

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I have the updated data in real time, but I also need it to be displayed if i select a date

This is more difficult with google form submission. A google apps script is required to set the format "again" for the column after each new entry

So better change of strategy?

Where is the data in the google sheet coming from?

The same app? A different app? Other sources ?

I have an arduino connected to the Wifi with sensors, the sensors send the information to a database called Firebase and show them in the app, The app sends the information to google sheets through blocks

Using a google form ?

If so, this helps to know. It means you could use a different method to send the data to google sheets, and format the date/time to your liking as a text.

Asi es, uso un formulario de google sheets

Can you send the data directly to the google sheet ?

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Sí ... ¡creo que es posible! Simplemente envíelos a las hojas de Google, ¿eso me ayudaría a usar el selector de fechas?

I am just thinking about reducing the amount of work (and things that could go wrong!)

If you can send the data from the arduino directly to google sheets, then you do not need to use Firebase, as long as you can send a date/time with each set of data, nor do you have to have blocks in the app that get the data from firebase and then send it to google sheets.

Alternately, you could just work from firebase, and forget about google sheets....

You may need some google apps scripting to handle the data into google sheets....

change the entire project to Google sheets so that the user can download the document and view it in greater depth. Now I am faced with new challenges. How do I visualize the last record of the table in some labels?

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