How do I get multiple values from firedatabase?

when a button is clicked i am getting 3 tags value from firedb,
how do I separate these values in firdb1.gotvalue?

this are the values
last two blocks are repeated

Why do you repeat get tag value since you will get same data again? As for your question when got value use if ...then ...else ..statement.... If get tag = name then get values in a list else if get tag == phone ...else if get tag = docmail ...

How will i get the value?

Don't get the tags at the same time. Get them separately, like this.

In this instance, after the values are received, the first item in global values is the value for docmail, the second is for name, etc.

It would be better if you post a screenshot of your firebase structure so we can propose the best solution.

You can call tags as you did, no problem. For example



Its stored in the same way under a user

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I have not yet given the values for the tags tho

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Ill try this and update you

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Do you want to get all subtags values ? For example docmail for all users ?

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no only for the user that is logged in

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Just remember that you have to set project bucket to coviCompanion/your_user's_name to get data from those tags


Yeah , I made it so when the user logs in tinydb stores the username in a tag

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Its working!!
Thanks @dora_paz really helped me out!
Do I have your permission to add your name to People who helped section of my document?


No need to, glad I could help :slight_smile:


Well ,
Its not working,
As it turns out the firedb never gave the value, when the user set the doctor mail ,name and number
it gave the tinyDB values
not the firedb ones
so the Get FireDB never actually worked.
so the values showed were directly from tinyDB (which not how i want it) and not from fireDB to tinyDB