How do I get information from an HTTP server protected by a username and password?

I log in to the site using a CustomWebView. I'm entering the user's password.EvaluteJavaScript. Visually, I see that the login is completed, the protected part of the site is available. But get(responseContent) returns an html page. How do I get in get(responseContent) what the computer browser shows?


you can try to use a WebViewer (GoToUrl) to display it.

I tried WebViewer and CustomWebView to display the result is the same.

This usually is an error message
Unfortunately you forgot to post the complete response content, so currently we can't see rhe error message. .

You might want to try App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: File Download | Pura Vida Apps or App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps


Since the full text of the answer is very voluminous, I was too shy to publish it in its entirety. At your request, I am now publishing it to a text file.
full.txt (44.7 KB)

Loaded from asset to a WebViewer:

..and so on...

And it also works using this extension ( No File HTML):
Metricrat Extensions (

using this block and placing the html code directly:

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