How do I get info from Firebase?

im making a login in and this is how my firebase is structred. how exactly do i do this without dying? ive tried using the in built dictionary functions in mit.

You are in a muddle from the beginning!

You use the tag username in firebase. Every user that registers will overwrite the last user's data.

Set the tag to the the actual username of the person registering.

You will also need to check all usernames to avoid duplicates.

This does not happen to me. Every User who registered to registered separately and I will make a duplicate check soon. I really do need help with how to get and check the password. I have 0 idea on how to.

Ah yes, confused by the tinyDB tags... :upside_down_face: ...not having a good day today :wink:

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I cant ask for personal information. I can only use a username and password and text strings. I just need to find out how to access info in a firebase dictionary with mit component

Here an example, I set the username as the tag, and also place the username as a field




I've tried testing this a few times but it always returns false even though i input the two item exactly the same. Any ideas on why this is happening?

Show the output of value....

I tried that, it shows "john" for the username and "lee" for the password like it should but the if then statements still don't work

A global userdata variable would be more debug-friendly than that local userdata variable you are using.

Are the quotes being passed to the key value ?

I don't understand. What does this mean?

Are you try to compare:

timai2 = "timai2"
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OH!!!!! I see thank you!!! I added strings and now it seems to work thank you!!

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