How do I get image from assets?

There is still a tiny question:
I have access to pictures on my server via internet to feed the background-image

But I am not successfull, adressing an image in my asset storage:

It also does not function without the "//"

only the file component uses 2 slashes to access the assets
for all other components just use the filename

filenames are case sensitive... you might want to provide a screenshot of your Media section, so we can check the filename together...


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Hi Taifun,
this is the image file in my Media section:
There is a difference in the file extension: here it is "jpeg", in the app it's "jpg"

we need to see the image filename not the image itself to find out if you made an error in writing the image filename

then what about tying the correct image filename?


On my PC the extension is "jpg", in the Media section too. In this forum upload it is "jpeg". I tried a screenshot of the Media section, but cannot produce the full file name, stupid....
Screenshot of Media section

I send a preview of that file which shows the filename:
Screenshot of Media image file with filename

keep it simple and use simple image names...
see working example app attached

opowoj.aia (12.5 KB)

Hi Taifun,
thank you so much for your hints. Now I got it:

1st attempt for the error message:

PuraVida again....

New attempt without clock and reduced event block recipe click:

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