How do I (get GooglePlay to) verify (my app) quicker?

Hi. How do I verify quicker. I sent my verification and it says it will take a few days. How long would that be. Thanks

I used google play console to push my app

Is there a quicker way to verify my account because I have a deadline.

this is the App Inventor community
this is not a Google Play community.... it looks like you asked in the wrong place


I mean how do I publish an MIT app inventor projects to google play

from the documentation The MIT App Inventor Library: Documentation & Support


Agree. But since some of the developers here may have pushed their app to google playstore hence checking the timeline..we have a demo date of april13th and we initiated the process today. Waiting for account verification to complete. This is our first time making and pushing an app to playstore..any tips will help

be patient


And sometimes you have to be very patient. After account verification and you uploaded your app, it could also take a week or more for you to hear something about your app.

So maybe it would be easier to share your app via apk since you have a deadline.


You could put your app into the open beta track, that might get you a review at least for that track. The last time I submitted an app to Google Play I think it took about 5 days for the initial review.

How do we put it into the beta track? Trying to understand your response - did you say beta track took 5 days for review when you uploaded your app?

Sorry did not understand as this is our first experience making an app. Did you mean share the apk file to google play? To whom to share the apk file..

Thanks for all the suggestions here! Genuinely appreciate it

The 5 days of review was for the production track in my case.

There are a number of tracks in Google Play publishing. You can see them in the sidebar (screenshot below). Adding another build to open testing might get a faster review for people to beta test but that is a separate review process from the one you are currently waiting on.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 08.27.44

You have a demo you said. You can have you app on your phone without google play or send it to people who need to demo it to via mail, whatsapp, Google Drive or other means.

We got the verification complete . So we published it this morning under closed testing track. Not sure how we got that track but it populated on its own and we sent the changes for review.

Can we submit in two different tracks - closed and open?

No, why?

We already submitted in closed testing wondered id ww do another track which couls be faster than closed..hence asked


Upload as Paid app, it will be verified within 24 hours.

I personally experienced this (India)