How do i fix this?


how do i fix this?

Why not search the community?

And what happens when you report a bug?

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Export and upload the.aia file here. I suspect that Table Arrangement.

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I already did it, it doesn't do anything

How is it triggered the error?

editing the layout I did control + c control + v and it was so broken

Hello Arixto09

Did you copy-paste into a Table Arrangement? That is unfortunately the source of a known issue. If you haven't got very far with your Project, start a new one (Use Horizontal Arrangements instead of a Table Arrangement).

If your Project is well advanced, we should be able to rescue it for you by editing the (unseen) back files that make the Project file. Post your Project File (.aia) here if you need our help.

RGB_BT_Ariel.aia (48.1 KB)

Load your project and delete this component HorizontalArrangement16, as it is a duplicate of copy/paste


Save project


Reaload ai2.appinventor


Load your project once again..

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