How do I fix this problem? My timer is not working as intended. it keeps going off as soon as I start it

this is my code:

Could you put the .aia file and link it to the post? I can then look at it and see what's wrong. You also need to put a Store.Value in TDB block down somewhere.

I have already put a store.value block, but it is on another screen.
Instead of sending the aia, I'll just send you all the relevant blocks

I don know. Your code seems to be in order. I would get a second opinion.

Two things Dolphone:

  1. Set TimerAlwaysFires to False (all timers, you do not need this feature).
  2. Before you leave a Screen, Disable all of it's timers.

fix your red warning...


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Thanks! With all your combined help I've managed to solve the problem.

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