How do I fix the blocks in this section?

I want to when cry, I want to hear cry mp3 and when smile then hear smile mp3. But here both of mp3 is running together.
Another thing is emoji. Please fixed it perfectly.

regsd.aia (6.8 MB)

okay run it

May be this helps:
blocks (1) blocks

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Thank you.
Can you do it more attractive? whatever you can do.

What do you mean?

I want to more function add. But I cannot understand how to do this. If you have any new plan or new update you can do please

We're not here to optimize layout and design for others.


I think that exceeds my ideas. It's your app - to implement new functions is possible without frontiers - depends on what your app should do. So go on developing.


okay thanks for your time

okay thanks for your time.

@Nafiz_Imtiaz, What do you want to add but do not understand?
Maybe I can help

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Sorry, could you please elaborate?

actually i want to add more feature. more new new idea need to add. I have no plan at this moment.