How do I fix my alarm clock app made with Taifun Alarm Extension?

I'm making an alarm clock app, in which ringing alarms can only be dismissed once the user walks 20 steps, using the Alarm Extension by Taifun.
The alarm works correctly and rings at the time the user enters, but even when they walk 20 steps the alarm continues to ring and doesn't stop. The option to press the "dismiss" button to dismiss the alarm is also there when it rings, which I do not want.

This is my code:
App inventor code

  1. What is the problem in my code and how do I make it so that the alarm will only be dismissed when the user walks 20 steps?
  2. How do I remove the "dismiss alarm" option that pops up when the alarm rings so that the only way to dismiss the alarm is by walking 20 steps?

unfortunately this is not possible using that extension


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Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to do this using any other extension?

Please share the extension

and also you want to change the '20' block with blue math block

may be better, but is not essential. Numbers in text blocks are interchangeable with numbers in maths blocks (for the most part...)

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Oh.....Then I guess the OP can use the text block?

Can be found here:

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