How do I fix error 702?

I made these blocks and every time I try to test it I a message saying error 702 saying project unable to prepare. I am a beginner in coding so i really don't know what to do

Hello Shaurya

702 is a media issue - an image problem.

In your case, you are trying to use gif files where only jpg, jpeg or png files can be used. the way, the Bugs and Other Issues Forum is for reporting issues in the App Inventor IDE, not your Project. Please raise a Topic in the Help Forum the next time you need help.

My colleague TimAI2 has pointed out that you are also using sound files. It is possible that they are the wrong format.

For the Sound component the duration could be too long.
For the Player component, the file could be too large.

The Sound component is best for short sound files, such as sound effects, while the Player component is more efficient for longer sounds, such as songs.

Supported sound (Audio) Formats:

thanks so much i will test this out :slight_smile:

I changed all the formats to pngs and jpegs and all the sound files under 10seconds to sound and the rest to player but it still isnt working is there anything else i can do?

How did you change the image formats?

some of them were already pngs but i just the picture from a gif to a different png picture for a couple of them

I think we need to see your Project file (.aia)