How do I fix a error about a minimum number?

I need solution of this problem, the apps can runing but when first time u open the apps, always appearing this notification. I already double checking in the blocks program, but i nothing happen.

This is the program block :smile:

Check your select list item blocks; one of them is trying to select an item at index 0 from a list that is also empty. Maybe you're trying to select the item at the last index (index = length of list)?

Nevermind, I think Clock1 is enabled by default. This means that the playRecordedNotes procedure is called without incrementing notesCount to 1. You also don't populate the notes prior to the same procedure.

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In the block index i select the math block increment. If you have a time u can see my edit, i already send out the blocks program🫑

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Just set Clock1.TimerEnabled to False by default (in the designer menu).


Okay the problem already done, u solution is very helpful. U right i forgot to disable a timerenable in the Clock1πŸ˜‚

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