How do I fetch multiple tag values from a single cloud db?

When initializes in need to display multiple values for tags in labels
The sample tags and values are something like this

So I want to display these values in labels and I don't want to use listview for this
Please help :pray:

I have never seen this particular GUI in any other posts on this board.

What is it telling us about the tags and associated values in your CloudDB?

This is redis server

If you are using the CloudDB control, it is probably explained here> CloudDB

can you give me a block picture or an example
I have already referred this and tutorial in YouTube all are fetching only one value from cloud db
Please help

Get the taglist, then iterate over this list calling the value of each tag in the taglist. You have to make several calls to the database, you can't do it in one go.

Can you give me a block diagram or something please

to retrieve Tags you can do something like this:


using the GetValue Block Tim provided

Thanks i will try this and let you know

Working across foreign languages is not making this easier.

Is Count:soge-jsjs telling us:

  • something about the length of a list of items stored in a tag value?
  • that "soge" is the name of an attribute of entity jsjs?
  • that soge-jsjs has an honorific title of Count, like Count Dracula?

Thanks buddy it worked like a charm 🫂

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