How Do I Encode/Decode (an Image in) an Arrangement?

Hi everyone, i need helps
Is there a way to encode and decode an arrangement please? :pray:

"Encode" as in?
Encode the text in it, or encode the entire component?

Encode the entire component.

What exactly do you want to do to an arrangement ?

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I'm want to creat a social media app and i need it as a post, like when we click on the publish boton, an arrangement who contain the text post, image,... will appear in a scroll vertical arrangement. The arrangement will be a dynamic component, and the information in it will change.

Do you want to control the visibility of arrangements, is that?

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What's the use of encoding and decoding it then?

It can not be used because the number of the arrangement is unlimited.
You know like facebook.

Then modify @RamNaresh's code so that you use the DynamicComponents extension instead (I don't presently have the extension, so I only have pseudocode):

if DynamicComponents1.getProperties(Component, Property, Value) = ["HorizontalArrangementx", "Visible", True]

then DynamicComponents1.setProperties("HorizontalArrangementx", "Visible", False)

else DynamicComponents1.setProperties("HorizontalArrangementx", "Visible", True)


I saw a tutorial about social media on YouTube but in the way to use an arrangement (the post) they use an image, and in the tutorial they encode and decode the image, so that's why i'm asking it.

You could link that video here, then we would better understand what you want to do....

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Maybe the encryption/decryption is just to send the posts amongst the people who are using the app; since there has to be a way for people to see the posts. here is the part one of the video and this is the part two

They are are encoding the image to a base64String, which allows for the upload to firebase storage or google drive. I didn't watch the entire videos, but you can either store as a base64 string or convert back to a binary image file. Then use the base64 extension to convert your image as required.

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Okey, i'll try it