How do I enable some features?

Hello, I am a university student and I am developing an application with App Inventor. I have a problem. Within the app I want the user to be able to block notifications, change font size and theme. If anyone knows, can you help please!

Turn off all notifications on the device, or just ones generated by the app?

Only some components allow for a change of font size programmatically

Not possible to change the theme set in your app (Classic, Device Default etc.). What you could do is create your own themes using blocks, then your user can change your in-built themes

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I just want app notifications to be turned off and on.
What components can I use to change the font?
Sorry, I'm a newbie, but how can I do this?

try the activity starter together with this action Settings.ACTION_APPLICATION_DETAILS_SETTINGS to open the settings for the user
how to use the activity starter see here Using the Activity Starter Component
see also android - Access application notification settings programmatically - Stack Overflow