How do I dump a ProjectBucket?

I followed TIMAI2's example but it did not work. I was expecting JSON string dump of the information under LoginID tag. Instead I get the "Read error in FDB dumping. Please help.

This is want TIMAI2's example said:



Should this read: LoginIDMissing ?

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Yaaayyyyyy yes it worked!! I was so close. I was under the wrong impression the string value does not matter. Thanks a bunch!! Clap clap clap.

One clarification please. What is the logic in writing null to the ProjectBucket and then manually typing in the name for tag? Instead of that I tried this and it would not work.

My main point is can we avoid manually typing the name of the ProjectBucket (LoginIDMissing) instead make it automated. Manual typing we may make typo's. Kindly clarify

Yes you can. Save all your nodes (e.g. LoginIDMissing, FoodRequests) to a list and select from there. You can call a taglist to get them.

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